35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (2024)

ByHeather Greutman


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I love the beach and ocean. Unfortunately, living in southwest Ohio means the beach is at least 12 hours away and we are lucky if we get there once a year. Ellie has yet to experience a real beach or ocean so I wanted to bring the experience to her right here. Today I am featuring some of my favorite beach and ocean themed sensory play ideas for kids of all ages.

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (1)

Beach And Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas for Kids

Last week I made her a sand and seashell washing sensory bin outside. We really had a lot of fun with it and you can read about how to set yours up here: Beach Themed Water Sensory Table for Toddlers.

I also did this Seashell Washing Practical Life Activity with her the day after and she really enjoyed it.

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (3)

35 Beach & Ocean Sensory Play Ideas for Kids

Here are some more great beach and ocean-themed sensory play ideas from some of my favorite kid bloggers around.

Rainbow Fish Ocean Sensory Bin – Mom Inspired Life

Ocean Sensory Table – Stir The Wonder

Jello Ocean Light Table Play – Still Playing School

Ocean Sensory Bag – Craftulate

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (4)

Marine Life Sensory Bin– Parenting Chaos

Whale Sensory Bin Book Extension – Growing Book by Book

Beach Cloud Dough Recipe – Craftulate

Squishy Ocean Sensory Bag – In The Playroom

Digging for Shark Tooth & Fossils Sensory Bin – Stir the Wonder

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (5)

Shaving Cream & Seashells– A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Sparkly Sensory Starfish – The Inspired Treehouse

Ocean Slime Recipe – Buggy & Buddy

Ice Painting Sea Creatures – Parenting Chaos

Sparkly Ocean Play Dough – Stir The Wonder

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (6)

Beach Party Sensory Activity – Mommy's Bundle

Ocean Animals Sensory Bin – Parenting Chaos

Ocean Themed Water Play – Danya Bayna

Rocky Shore Small World with Ocean Play Dough – Buggy & Buddy

Feet In The Sand Sensory Play – The Inspired Treehouse

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (7)

Homemade Beach Sand Slime – Little Bins for Little Hands

Ocean Small World Play– Rainy Day Mum

Under the Sea Ocean Bottle – KC Edventures

Underwater Pearls – The Inspired Treehouse

Ocean Sensory PlayOn a Mirror – School Time Snippets

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (8)

Sand Foam Dough Recipe – And Next Comes L

Sea Turtle Activities for Toddlers – Every Star is Different

Indoor Beach – 3 Dinosaurs

Printable Sea Creatures for Play Dough – Nurture Store

Ocean Science and Sensory Activities – Little Bins for Little Hands

35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (9)

How To Make Your Own Ocean – Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

Beach Sensory Bin – 3 Dinosaurs

Seashell Letter Match Sensory Game – And Next Comes L

Ocean Sensory Play – Crafts on Sea

Welcome Summer Blog Hop

A bunch of amazing kid bloggers and myself have all gotten together today to share our summer activity ideas with you. Be sure to check out all the great summer fun ideas below.

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35 Beach and Ocean Themed Sensory Play Ideas (2024)


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