Modern Twist on the Baby Shower Diaper Cake (2024)



Any time I ask my mother-to-be girlfriendswhat I can buy for their little ones, diapers are ALWAYS on the top of the list. Although I love a practical gift, it’s not exactly as fun to shop for as say … little girls outfits, right? For me, the practical side always wins and I’m off to the store to buy diapers 🙂 . Never wanting to miss an opportunity for a DIY, my girlfriends get their diapers with a side of an adorable baby shower decoration.I’ve been making these diaper cakes since my first girlfriend had a baby (BEFOREthe days of searching Pinterest for instructions!), so I was ecstatic to partner with Pampers to show you my modern twist on the classic baby shower diaper cake!

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Pampers is offering big savings in this Sunday’s paper, with two high value coupons. Get your scissors outbecause there will be a coupon offer for $3 off two bags, or one box, of Pampers Diapers OR Training Pants in the P&G newspaper insert.Additionally, there will also be a coupon for $1 off Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers.Thesecoupons are good at any mass, discount or grocery stores where Pampers Diapersand Training Pants are sold.

Supplies for the Diaper Cake

  • 1 large package of about60 Pampers diapers size 3 or above (Pampers Swaddlers are recommended – because they are white)
  • Bag of rubber bands, assorted sizes (or about 60 small, 6 large)
  • One bottle of Champagne (this will be the base of the cake AND an awesome surprise for mom & dad!)
  • Ribbon at least 1 in. wide to go around each of the three layers
  • Scotch tape
  • Stapler
  • Decorations for on top of the cake(I opted for my easy to make coffee filter flowers)

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The first step is to start rolling your diapers. If you purchase plain white diapers (Pampers Swaddlers are a great all white option), then simply roll the diapers front to back usinga rubber band to tightly secure in the middle. Since I didn’t have all white diapers (I usedPampers Baby Dry), I rolled them inside out to hide the design on the outside of the diaper. You’ll want the rubber band secured tightly in the middle so that the whole cake will have a uniform look. I used about 50 diapers total on this cake.

Modern Twist on the Baby Shower Diaper Cake (3)

Take about 9 of the rolled diapers and stand them up in a ring around the Champagne bottle. You may need a couple more or less diapers depending on the size of your diapers & champagne bottle. Put a large rubber band around this first ring so that the diapers hug the Champagne bottle.Do the same exercise a second time, making a second larger ring of diapers around the bottle.I used 14 diapers for my second ring. Secure with a large rubber band.

Modern Twist on the Baby Shower Diaper Cake (4)

Now that you’ve got the base of your cake done, we’re going to do the same thing for the second layer. My second layer used 9 diapers. Again, secure the entire ring with a large rubber band.

Modern Twist on the Baby Shower Diaper Cake (5)

My second layer of diapers started to cave inward following the shape of the bottle. To help make the diapers stand up straight, I padded the sides of the bottle with a couple non-rubber banded diapers. It made a huge difference on my second layer.

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Finish off with the top layer. Mine took 5 diapers. As you’re completing each layer, ensure that your large rubber band is in the middle of the diapers.That way when we place the ribbon around the diapers it will hide the rubber band easily.

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Once your cake is complete, it’s time to decorate! Since I was aiming for a clean sophisticated look, I kept it simple with just two strands of ribbon per cake tier. Each ribbon should be 1 inch longer than the circumference of the tier.The key to making the ribbons have a really clean look is to ensure that they’re smooth and unwrinkled. Using a towel as a buffer, I quickly ironed each of my ribbon strands to smooth them out.

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To secure the ribbon around each cake tier, you could use glue to make it look seamless on the back. That seemed a little too messy & complicated for me, so I opted for the easy way: paper clips for the large ribbon and scotch tape for the narrow ribbon. The key is to pull the ribbon tight BEFORE paper clipping / taping the ribbon ends together to ensure it stays put. Another benefit of this method is that the diapers don’t have glue on them when they actually get used!

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I opted to decorate the cake with flowers for a elegant touch. To make these flowers, you can follow my coffee filter flower guide. Yes, those are actually coffee filters!

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May you be able to give the mother to be a ‘practical but fun’ baby gift!

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Modern Twist on the Baby Shower Diaper Cake (2024)


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