Signs The ACE Family's Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz Weren't Going To Last - The List (2024)

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Signs The ACE Family's Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz Weren't Going To Last

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Signs The ACE Family's Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz Weren't Going To Last - The List (4)

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One of the more controversial family YouTube channels is the ACE Family, and they are back in the news now thatACE Family matriarch and patriarch Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom announced on January 11, 2024, that they are divorcing. Paiz shared a statement on her Instagram account saying 2024 would be a year for her to change. "One of the steps in my journey is the difficult decision to leave my marriage," she wrote. "We have mutually agreed to a divorce and will part amicably."

Paiz also described how it was bittersweet, saying that while the couple's split is tough, she also feels like it's time for change as she hasn't been able to focus much on herself in recent years. She mentioned how co-parenting their three children — Elle, Alaia, and Steel — with McBroom will be paramount to the couple as they move forward. She also thanked her fans and loved ones. "And Austin, you're my bestfriend [sic] and that will never change," she ended the post, adding a heart emoji.

On his own Instagram account, McBroom shared a photo of himself and Paiz presumably after skydiving. "For this new year, I'll be taking a leap of faith," he wrote. He reiterated that they decided to divorce mutually and would be co-parenting, and he also thanked their supporters.

In the end, the news of their split is no surprise. There were signs that Paiz and McBroom's relationship wasn't going to be happily ever after. The first glaring clue was when YouTubers called McBroom out for cheating on his wife.

Austin McBroom was accused of being a serial cheater

Signs The ACE Family's Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz Weren't Going To Last - The List (5)

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Austin McBroom is also a boxer, and rumors of infidelity on his part have been frequent. In June 2021, during the height of his rivalry with YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul, McBroom shared a taunting video with TyronWoodley, one of Paul's upcoming competitors. Paul took to TikTok (in a now-deleted video) to throw out accusations: "I'm in trouble, Austin? Does your wife know that you cheat on her every weekend? Does she know that you message every single girl on Instagram trying to get in their pants?" (via New York Post).

McBroom denied the rumors on Snapchat (before deleting that post), but other influencers accused him of frequently cheating on Catherine Paiz as well. Influencer Tana Mongeau posted a now-removed TikTok claiming she lied for McBroom when he told Paiz that the lipstick in his car was Mongeau's, not the lipstick of a mistress (via Sportskeeda)."[McBroom] also hired four of my friends as 'nannies' and 'masseuses' so he could hook up [with] them all when wifey ain't home,"She also claimed on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, andMcBroom denied those claims too (via X).

However, TikToker Monica Bush shared a series of videos detailing a hook-up with McBroom, who invited Bush to their house to discuss advertising his clothing line and said his relationship with Paiz was a PR relationship (via Dexerto). She claimed that, after the fact, she learned he'd done that many times with other women.

There's documentation of McBroom being disrespectful to Paiz

Signs The ACE Family's Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz Weren't Going To Last - The List (6)


In addition to Austin McBroom's speculated affairs, there are several videos where he disrespects Catherine Paiz on camera. Fans were concerned for Paiz in an ACE Family clipfrom 2020 when McBroom spoke very harshly to her in front of their kids (via YouTube). The video was edited with that part taken out, but in another instance, McBroom was rude when he didn't realize he was on camera.

In one video, Paiz pranked McBroom by saying she sold his jet ski when in reality she just moved it. When introducing the prank, she said the jet ski in their swimming pool was a safety concern for her. "And there was nothing that I could do about it, because Austin is Austin,"Paiz said."At the end of the day you know, sometimes I kind of have to be a team player and accept some of the things that he's gonna do." Later in the video, McBroom was rude to her and their daughter — even before the prank — not knowing a camera was around.

Fans have been unhappy with the ACE Family for a variety of controversies, so many are celebrating the divorce and Paiz's newfound freedom. One person on X shared the legendary photos of Nicole Kidman after her divorce from Tom Cruise and said, "Need Catherine Paiz/McBroom to recreate this IMMEDIATELY." Another said, "MY GIRL IS FINALLY FREE I LOVE YOU CATHERINE PAIZ."


Signs The ACE Family's Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz Weren't Going To Last - The List (2024)


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