Look Up Subdomains (2024)

1. Free subdomain finder online 🛡️ find subdomains of domain

  • Use the free subdomain scanner to lookup and check all the subdomains of a domain. Check how many sub domains you can find to map your attack surface.

2. Free Subdomain Finder: Find all Subdomains of a Website

  • Free subdomain scanner can help find all website subdomains and get additional information like traffic share or the number of keywords.

3. Subdomains Lookup | Find all subdomains | WhoisXML API

  • Learn more · API · Domains & Subdomains... · Database

  • Find all the subdomains of a domain with our subdomain finder tools. Access 2.3+ billion subdomains from 10+ years of data crawling. Get started today.

4. Subdomain Finder - C99.nl

  • Subdomain Finder is a scanner that scans an entire domain to find as many subdomains as possible.

5. How to find Subdomains of a Domain in Minutes? - Geekflare

  • 22 jan 2024 · NMMAPPER. An online tool to find subdomains using Anubis, Amass, DNScan, Sublist3r, Lepus, Censys, etc. nmmapper. I tried NMMAPPER for one of ...

  • Having an unsecured subdomain can lead to a serious risk to your business. Here are some tools to find any website's subdomains.

6. DNSDumpster.com - dns recon and research, find and lookup dns records

7. How do I find all the subdomains of a domain name? - Gandi News

  • 25 jan 2022 · Ultimately, the best way to get a list of all subdomains of a domain name is by having access to the DNS zone file of that domain name. Just ...

  • There are several reasons you might want to be able to find all subdomains of a domain, but in general, those reasons boil down to either mounting some kind of attack on a website (which we don’t condone) or protecting yourself from such an attack, including auditing your subdomains to ensure there are no unused subdomains laying around in your DNS zone file.

8. 8 Subdomain Enumeration —How to find Subdomains of any Domain

  • 3 jun 2022 · Hello, I have come today with a very useful topic of recon. In this blog we will see how to find Subdomain of any target. So, lets start.

  • Hello, I have come today with a very useful topic of recon. In this blog we will see how to find Subdomain of any target. So, lets start.

9. Subdomain finder - 9 Enumerating tools hosted online

  • Online Subdomain finder using Sublist3r, DNscan, Nmap,Anubis, Amass. Discover subdomains of target domain with this hosted tools. ... Nmmapper provides dns lookup ...

  • Nmmapper.com offers Online network penetration and mapping tool for penetration testers and System administrators.

10. Subdomain Finder Tool | Find all Subdomains of a Website

  • A Website Subdomain Finder by Sitechecker is a tool or software used to identify the subdomains of a given domain name. The tool provides a technical assessment ...

  • Optimize your website's SEO with our Subdomain Finder Tool, perfect for auditing, competitor analysis, and compliance.

11. Find Subdomains of Website - IPSaya.com

  • Check and Find Subdomains of Website here: To find subdomains on a website, please enter your main domain below (without www):. Enter domain name or website ( ...

  • Want to find subdomains? check and search subdomains of a website with these lookup tools

12. Web-based subdomain scanner - Subdomains Lookup - WhoisXML API

  • Our subdomain checker tool allows you to identify the subdomains for a domain. Get web-based and shareable online reports. Try it with free credits.

13. Instant search of subdomains of any site - suIP.biz

  • Enter the domain name or subdomain name and within a few seconds existing subdomains will be found for it. If the option 'Show only resolved subdomains' ...

  • Online services based on Miloserdov.org

14. Subdomain enumeration tools and techniques - Ceeyu

  • 24 mei 2022 · To identify potential targets for an attack: By enumerating all subdomains, you may be able to find subdomains that are less well-protected than ...

  • Subdomain enumeration is the process of identifying all subdomains for a given domain. This can be useful for identifying potential targets for an attack, or organizational purposes.

15. Top 10 Subdomain Finders for Great Website Reconnaissance - LinkedIn

  • 11 mrt 2023 · Sublist3r is a python-based tool for listing subdomains of a website. It can collect subdomains from various search engines like Google, Yahoo, ...

  • Subdomain enumeration is the process of finding #subdomains of a particular domain. Subdomain Finder is a useful tool to help discover website subdomains.

16. DNS Lookup - Check All DNS Records for Any Domain

  • That record points the domain or sub-domain name to an IPv4 address. AAAA record maps the hostname to a 128-bit IPv6 address of the given domain name. CNAME ...

  • Our DNS Lookup tool directly queries the domain's authoritative name server. It let you check all DNS records of a domain. Enter domain, and get results.

Look Up Subdomains (2024)


Is there a way to find all subdomains? ›

There are several ways to find subdomains:
  1. Manually, by using the site:* operator in Google.
  2. By checking DNS records using the nslookup command.
  3. By using our online subdomain scanner or similar tools.

What is the best tool to find subdomains? ›

Here are ten highly effective options.
  • Google Dorking. Google Dorking is a passive subdomain enumeration technique using Google's advanced search operators, like "site:" to find information about a target, including subdomains. ...
  • Sublist3r. ...
  • Amass. ...
  • Recon-ng. ...
  • SubDomainizer. ...
  • Pentest Tools Subdomain Finder. ...
  • crt.sh. ...
  • Shodan.
May 13, 2024

Are subdomains bad for SEO? ›

While subdomains can work well for some companies, depending on their goals, a subdirectory is often a better choice for SEO.

Is subdomain enumeration legal? ›

This type of subdomain enumeration is resource-intensive and may have legal and ethical implications since sending large requests to a target domain is required. Because of its intrusive nature, active subdomain enumeration may trigger security alerts.

What is the nslookup command? ›

The nslookup command queries internet domain name servers in two modes. Interactive mode allows you to query name servers for information about various hosts and domains, or to print a list of the hosts in a domain.

How do I find dangling subdomains? ›

To identify DNS entries within your organization that might be dangling, use Microsoft's GitHub-hosted PowerShell tools "Get-DanglingDnsRecords". This tool helps Azure customers list all domains with a CNAME associated to an existing Azure resource that was created on their subscriptions or tenants.

What is a subdomain finder? ›

A Subdomain Finder is a subdomain enumeration tool that helps you discover subdomain hosts (aka subdomain FQDNs) which serve specific functions for your target (e.g. hosting public websites, private subdomains for testing web apps, URLs where you can find backups, etc.).

What is the best tool to check subdomain takeover? ›

Subdominator is a dependable and fast open-source command-line interface tool to identify subdomain takeovers.

How does Google find subdomains? ›

Google discovers and prioritizes the indexation of URLs based on the links pointing to those URLs. These links can be from external domains or from other accessible subdomains on the same root domain.

Does Google penalize subdomains? ›

Google will not penalize international websites that exist on separate subdomains if they have duplicate content. Instead, it will recognise the pages are identical and in most cases index both, but will only pick one URL to show in search results.

Does Google crawl subdomains? ›

Yes, Google does crawl subdomains. Subdomains are treated as separate entities from the main domain by search engines like Google. Each subdomain can be indexed and ranked independently in search engine results. This means that content on a subdomain can be crawled, indexed, and ranked separately from the main domain.

How many subdomains is too many? ›

Each domain name can have up to 500 subdomains. You can also add multiple levels of subdomains, such as info.blog.yoursite.com. A subdomain can be up to 255 characters long, but if you have multiple levels in your subdomain, each level can only be 63 characters long.

What is subdomain hijacking? ›

It's a cyber threat executed when an attacker gains control of a legitimate subdomain that's no longer in use, then cleverly exploits the forgotten or misconfigured dangling DNS to host their own content on the previously used zone.

Do I own a subdomain if I own a domain? ›

Yes. When you purchase the root domain, you can set up any subdomain you want on that root domain. Before you use Google Search Console (used to be Google Webmaster Tool), you should set up your site so that all traffic going to the root domain gets redirected to the www version.

Do subdomains need separate SSL certificates? ›

If you have subdomains at different levels, you should choose multi-domain SSL. If you have a single domain and multiple subdomains at the same level, Wildcard SSL is best-suited. Based on the level of validation and assurance required, you can choose between OV, EV, and DV certs.

Do subdomains have their own DNS records? ›

A subdomain is a DNS record for a hostname that belongs to your domain. To add a subdomain, just use our DNS record editor and create the DNS record corresponding to the subdomain.

Does Google show subdomains? ›

However, Google treats subdomains as separate sites.

While “blog.example.com” and “example.com” may share a root domain, Googlebot will view them as distinct domains and crawl and index them accordingly.

How many subdomains are there? ›

A domain can have up to 500 subdomains. You can create multiple levels of subdomains such as store.product.yoursite.com, test.forum.yoursite.com, etc. Each subdomain can be up to 255 characters long, but for multi level subdomains, each level can only be 63 characters long.

Does Google index subdomains separately? ›

4. Does Google index and rank subdomains? Yes, Google indexes and ranks subdomains separately from the main site. However, the SEO impact of subdomains may not be as significant as that of subdirectories, as they are considered separate entities.


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