10 Smart Reasons to Book an Inside Cabin on a Cruise (2024)

10 Smart Reasons to Book an Inside Cabin on a Cruise (1)

Why Should You Book an Inside Cabin?

If you’re planning a cruise, you might be wondering what inside cabins are like and if they’re right for you. While an inside cabin isn’t for everyone, we’ve done over 20 cruises in inside cabins and have found many reasons to love them.

Now, I’ll admit that as cruises restarted, I had some reservations and worries about being “stuck” in an inside cabin. However, these days this isn’t a concern.

In this post I share 10 reasons to book an inside cabin on a cruise, as well as answer some common questions about inside staterooms that you may have.

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10 Top Reasons to Book an Inside Cruise Cabin

10 Smart Reasons to Book an Inside Cabin on a Cruise (2)

1. Inside Cabins Are Usually Cheaper

Generally, inside cruise cabins are the least expensive accommodations on a cruise ship. For your vacation dollar, it would be hard to find a better value than this.

These days, balcony cabins can be double the cost of an interior room. If you’re trying to save some money on your cruise vacation, booking an inside cabin is a great way to do it!

2. Sleep Better

Many people who book inside cabins love the fact that they get a really good night’s sleep in a dark, windowless cabin.

If you’re sensitive to light when you sleep, you might find the lack of light coming in from a window or balcony door a huge benefit of having an inside cabin.

Inside cabins can also be quieter than balcony cabins, where you may hear your neighbors who are outside talking or playing music during the day or night.

3. Being Quarantined in Your Cabin is Unlikely

Are you concerned about getting quarantined in an inside cabin during your cruise? I was too. However, I realize that my worries were probably exaggerated and this is unlikely to happen these days.

Most cruise lines are no longer testing (for many itineraries). They also have various protocols for dealing with positive cases, including cabins designated to quarantine passengers if needed. These cabins are often located in the same area, in many cases close to the medical center.

4. You’re Not in Your Cabin Much

While some people really enjoy spending time in their cabin, especially on a balcony or veranda, others prefer to be out and about enjoying the cruise ship. If you know that you’ll only be in your cabin to eat, sleep and change clothes, than an inside cabin is perfect for you!

Many people who book inside rooms, say that it pushes them to take part in activities and explore the different areas on the cruise ship, from outside decks to restaurants and lounges indoors.

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5. Port Intensive Itineraries

There’s no better time to stay in an inside cabin, then when you’ve booked a port intensive itinerary. If you’re going to be off the ship for several days during your cruise, it may be worth it to book an interior room.

If you’re going on a Mediterranean cruise or port intensive Hawaii itinerary, these may be cruises where you just won’t be on the ship much, and your days will be spend visiting and doing shore excursions.

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6. Seasickness Less Likely

While booking an inside cabin doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid getting seasick, you may have a better cabin location, which will likely help. Inside cruise cabins can be found on most decks, and you can even book mid-ship cabins at a great price.

If you book a mid-ship cabin on a cruise, you’ll usually have the best chance or preventing seasickness.

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7. Solo Cruisers

Unfortunately solo cruisers usually have to pay for double occupancy when booking a standard cabin. While single berth cabins are available on some cruise ships, they aren’t very common.

Booking an inside cabin is usually the most economical option for solo cruisers, and the benefit is having the extra room and storage space.

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8. Prioritize Cruise Ship Over Cabin

A great reason to book an inside cabin is to be able to cruise for less, on the best cruise ship. While the “best” cruise ship is subjective and might be a luxury cruise to some, and a mega-ship to others, the principal remains.

Booking the cheapest cruise cabin on the very best ship, is the best way to have a top quality cruise, at the lowest price.

If you want the best value, booking an inside cabin on the cruise ship that you really want will be worth it!

9. Cruise more often

No matter your cruise budget, having an inside cabin will help you to save money and cruise more often.

Whether this means taking a cruise once a year, twice a year, or once every couple of years – having an inside cabin is a great way to stretch your vacation dollars.


10. Functional & Organized

Inside cabins may not be large, but they are great functional cabins that are fairly easy to keep organized. Whether you’re cruising with 2 people, or even a family of 4, with a few cruise cabin hacks, you can optimize your space and have room for everything you need.

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Video: The Best Reasons to Book an Inside Cruise Cabin

Here’s a video where I share more about booking inside cabins, with up to date information.

Who Should Not Book an Inside Cabin

Inside cabins have a lot of clear advantages. However, there are some times when it’s probably not the best idea to book an inside cabin on a cruise.

If you are claustrophobic

This might be an obvious one, but inside cabins are pretty small and average about 150-160 square feet per cabin. So if you suffer from claustrophobia, you will probably want a window at the very least. The reality is an inside cabin may feel tight on space.

If you are more than 2 people in the cabin

This is different for everyone, but some people won’t like having more than 2 people in a cabin. If you’re 4 people in one cabin, the 3rd and 4th passenger may have pullman beds (like bunk beds coming out of the wall or ceiling) directly above the main bed below.

Some families may prefer one larger balcony cabin, or 2 cabins that are side by side or connecting. Always do a price check as sometimes getting 2 cabins is less expensive than we think.

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If natural light is important to you

We cruised with friends a couple of years ago, and one of our friends had a really hard time getting up in the morning and she was in an interior cabin. We joked about it, but the reality was that she really felt physically better with natural light.

We found this out on a future cruise, when she had an ocean view and noticed a huge difference. She’s sworn, no more inside cabins!

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Regular price: $27 Now just $17!

10 Smart Reasons to Book an Inside Cabin on a Cruise (4)

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Final Thoughts on Booking an Inside Cabin on a Cruise

We’ve gone over some good reasons to book inside cabin on a cruise. Inside staterooms are a great value and can allow you to cruise more often, for less.

Have you cruised in an inside cabin? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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10 Smart Reasons to Book an Inside Cabin on a Cruise (2024)


Why should you book an inside cabin? ›

Staying in an inside room means that you will be paying less than if you were to book a balcony. Plus, since you'll be alone, you will not be compromising on storage space; there will be plenty for one person!

Is it better to have an interior room on a cruise ship? ›

The most stable place to be on any cruise ship is low down on the vessel near its equilibrium point, which is generally near its center. Since inside cabins are closer to the center of a ship than "outside" ocean-view and balcony cabins, they can be more stable in rough seas.

What is it like to be in an inside cabin on a cruise ship? ›

An inside cabin is a stateroom located midship, with no windows or balcony. For this reason, inside cabins offer no natural light. They tend to be cheaper than other cruise cabin types. Typically, there are four main types of cruise ship cabins.

What deck to avoid on a cruise? ›

From people dancing to live music and cruise line programming (think belly flop contest), the pool deck is always a hub of activity during any sailing. If you do not wish to be awakened or bothered by this noise, avoid any rooms that are right below the pool deck, whether it is a balcony or interior cabin!

Are inside cruise cabins worth it? ›

Interior cabins on cruises are for anyone who wants to travel smarter. They're usually the cheapest, and the lack of a balcony or window encourages me to explore the ship.

What is the best floor to stay on a cruise ship? ›

On most cruise ships, the most luxurious accommodation is on the upper decks. Here, you'll find a selection of elegant suites, with generous outdoor space, separate living areas, and amenities ranging from all-inclusive drinks to the service of a concierge.

Where is the best interior room on a cruise ship? ›

Midship cabins

The big allure of a midship cabin is its stability. You won't feel the rocking of the sea in a midship cabin nearly as much as you will in a cabin toward the front or back of a vessel. This is because ships are like teeter-totters. They pitch forward and back around a central axis that barely moves.

Is it worth it to get a room with a balcony on a cruise? ›

Even on smaller, more luxurious ships that don't feel crowded, a balcony is desirable; if the weather is such that you can spend a lot of time on your balcony, it's like having an additional room.

Is it worth upgrading your room on a cruise? ›

In many cases, a cruise ship cabin upgrade will get you a better cabin — roomier accommodations, a better ship location, and maybe extra perks. However, not all upgrade offers are desirable, especially if what you value in a cabin type and location is not what the cruise line will give you.

Which cruise ship has the largest inside cabins? ›

Best Special Family Inside Cabin: Royal Caribbean

The biggest we found (324 square feet) are on Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Independence of the Seas; they sleep up to six on two twin beds that convert into a queen, a pullout sofa for two and a double pull-down bed.

What is the best cabin on a cruise ship to avoid sea sickness? ›

#1 - Choosing the Right Cabin

The middle of the ship and not too high is your safest bet. A mid-ship stateroom with a balcony for quick access to fresh air may be ideal. If not available, consider a room that is either lower or closer to the back, as the front of the ship tends to experience the most movement.

Is it better to be higher or lower on a cruise? ›

A major bonus of being near the top of the ship is the view. The higher the deck, the better and, often, more panoramic the view.

What is the riskiest part of a cruise ship? ›

The 5 Most Dangerous Parts of a Ship for Passengers
  • Watertight Doors. Never try to outrun a closing watertight door. ...
  • Wet/Slippery Surfaces. ...
  • Ferries & Lifeboats. ...
  • Dining Facilities & Fast-Spreading Illnesses. ...
  • Balconies. ...
  • Talking to a Florida Cruise Ship Injury Attorney.
Feb 28, 2018

What is the noisiest part of a cruise ship? ›

And don't forget the cruise ship engine. While humming noises put some to sleep, the loud buzz of machinery might not exactly be restful to others, making these some of the worst cabins on a cruise ship. Passengers on the lowest deck are most likely to hear engine or even anchor sounds.

What is a secret deck on a cruise ship? ›

The "Secret Decks" are located at the very front of the ship and will be found on varying decks depending on the ship. These areas are typically accessed through a door located on either side of the ship all the way forward. In most cases you will not find a sign on the access doors explaining where they lead.

Is an outside cabin better than an inside cabin Why or why not? ›

Ultimately, the decision between inside versus outside cruise cabins comes down to whether you want a window. If you absolutely must have natural light or a way to see your external surroundings from your room, an outside cabin is for you.

Why do people stay in cabins? ›

Privacy and Seclusion

Unlike hotels and resorts that may be crowded and noisy, cabins are often nestled in quiet and peaceful locations surrounded by nature.

Is it better to have a cabin at front or back of ship? ›

You'll likely want to steer clear of forward cabins. These are far and away the cruise rooms most affected by waves since they're the first to dip in rough seas. Even if you're on a lower deck, the forward of the ship might be the worst place to stay if you're prone to seasickness.

Is it better to have a cabin in the front of the cruise ship or the back? ›

The back of the ship tends to be considered the next best cabin position after midships. Whilst the front of the ship gets the most movement the back also does get some. Whilst it's nowhere near as bad as the front of the ship, you may still notice some movement in rough seas.


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